We are leading exporter for  Indian raw-cotton.  We deal in all Indian cotton varieties produced in  Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat state. Being a Natural Fibre and its unique importance in Human life as a cloth, Garments and other Textile Fabrics  Selection of raw material is the most important criteria in order to produce high quality yarn from which Fabric is made. In view of it we have the skill to select better quality of cotton being supported and managed  by long experienced personnel's and team of hard worker and having grass root level knowledge of Raw Cotton. We provide full attention to source cotton of better quality minimizing our best trash contents & contamination  for our customers-Mills/exporter /merchants and  we feel great pleasure to serve our best and safeguard the interest of our customers and always endeavor to strengthen business relationship and trust. Now this organization also aims to enlarge its activities  in  textiles & other related items,Garments, and other commodities by way of modern management information system  to serve better as well as to make additions in customers directory
  Better Quality- being better selection hands, systems and control
Experienced management and staff
Total solution to source natural cotton fibre to fabrics
Trustworthy working & services
Evaluation of working by feed back of our customers and their need
Relationship we strengthen and maintain with our customer
India is the leading producer of cotton & has several factories for spinning cotton.
We are a leading exporter of cotton yarn in India & has been exporting world class quality
We are dealing mostly in all Suitings, Shirtings, Bottom weight, Garment fabrics, Sheetings, Yarn Dyed,
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